Line Between Creative And Imaginative

When talking about quotes, you should just be cautious of how you’re using it and making sure that it really ties in to the rest of your theme and that the story that you want to tell I think I was just looking at some of the questions over here and one of our Maya asked what being that we read so many and then the committees read so many what’s the fine line between creative and imaginative or informative should it just be strictly informative or do you want some imagination or creativity in there and I personally would add to what they said your own imagination and creativity so that your own voice shines through you don’t want it to be strictly informational so like an informational essay because the again this is yours this is your this is your biography and so you want your voice to come through.

And you want to have your personality shine through so one of the other questions said I like to joke around a lot can I joke around in my essay and you definitely want um you want to make sure one that if it is a joke that everybody does it very obvious and so I’m not making poking fun and at any culture that it where it could be taken personally because you never know who’s going to be reading your essay but um I think making sure that you are informing us of what your life is about but you want at that in your own voice you don’t want to say at age three this person did this make keep it in the first person don’t talk about you as a different person on the outside yeah so I would say that there’s a there’s a there’s a good line in between informative imaginative and creative yeah I mean personally I think is really important yeah an essay and sometimes that starts off with a very specific detail about a specific Praeger life or event like walking down the hallway of this school about you.

I love those personal and all those things now I’m one reader I’m not Anna can’t speak for all of readers out there some of them may actually prefer just like tell me what your life was like I want to hear the whole story it’s hard for you because you’re in that position you don’t have to display what makes the most sense like if you can find a good hook I think usually that will help you but you have to sort of bring it all back together at the end also the full circle yeah like you just kind of don’t leave anything and are there any common parts of essays that you wish that you saw more of this is AJ I think common parts that you saw more of or less of like do you want if you want more hooks or more quotes things like that like different.